Weston Body Hardware

With over 30 years experience of manufacturing a wide range of hinges, handles, locks and latches Weston Body Hardware are now considered a leading supplier of engineered solutions for access hardware into the off-highway, capital plant machinery and heavy equipment industries.

With a reputation of providing ready-made answers to those difficult engineering questions which can arise in the whole area of access control, WBH specialise in the production of 'lock-and latch-systems' ffering an immense range of fully proven hardware which has been developed through close working relationships with both distributors and OEM’s alike.

Continued investment in design focused product innovation has led to the development of the unique, fully patented driMET® range of access hardware.

Built to handle the toughest conditions in the harshest environments, driMET® technology has been specifically designed to provide a range of products with exceptional weatherproof and acoustic sound-proofing properties. Extensive design, development and rigorous environmental testing ensures this innovative new range can handle whatever nature has to throw at them, as well as offering outstanding ergonomics and aesthetics.

All driMET® products combine selective use of corrosion resistant materials and clever use of integrated seal design to ensures the best possible join between hardware and application.  With due consideration to pre-existing hardware options during the design process all products within the driMET® range can be retro-fitted to existing applications to exploit the benefits of the new technology.

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With over 60 years design and manufacturing experience to draw from ensures a swift, efficient and flexible response to any individual requirements not met by our standard stock range.

Versatile manufacturing facilities supported by the latest CAD technology and 3D modelling capabilities provide an efficient way to combines dynamic product development with dramatic time and cost reductions.


BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accreditation ensures quality integrity of both product and service.

This provides the means to perpetually adapt to changes in the market place by maintaining continuous improvement strategies for both products and procedures with the active involvement of employees and customers alike.

Global Networks

An established and growing global network of distributors covering over 70 countries Worldwide are a vital extension to our UK based Export division.

Offering a professional service with a flexible approach, we draw from a vast logistical experience to provide prompt and accurate delivery. This ensures all customers receive the same outstanding level of world-class service and knowledge regardless of project location.

Customer Service

Our future depends on the success of our customers which is why we like to take a long term view to building relationships whilst delivering an unrivalled service and inspiring trust and confidence.

We believe that the key to providing excellent levels of service is listening. This enables our experienced sales team to gain a full understanding of your project. Only then can they offer accurate advice, working with you to make an informed decision and delivering most appropriate product options for your project.

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